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Color Quiz

Does color help your MARKETING? Your considerations of machine size, type and technology may be the most crucial of all color buyers.  COSTS can spiral out of your control in a heart-beat.  [Ask the Copier Concierge] Does color touch 5% of your pages? 10%?  50%?  This ratio is important to know, but ratio of what?  […]

Copier and Printer Glossary

Copy terms are often acronyms and need more explanation. Find the definition you are looking for here.


The Chamber purchased a heavy-duty Copystar console system to handle its substantial printing and mailing requirements in 2006.  The Long-Life Guarantee extended for 7 YEARS or 3.5 MILLION pages.  By the end of 2012, with the meter approaching 3 MILLION pages, we were experiencing too-frequent service calls and parts replacements.  Copilabs searched the wholesale used […]

Finding Your PC’s IP Address

There’s a quick way to see your own PC’s IP address, and it doesn’t matter what other screens you may have open. Just press the “Windows” button on the keyboard (on some keyboards there are two of them, left and right at the bottom row) and the “R” key simultaneously. This brings up a small […]

Finding Your PC’s Network Name

FINDING THE NETWORK NAME OF YOUR COMPUTER If the IT department or consultant hasn’t pasted the name on the side of your computer, you can find the correct name quite easily. First, find your “Start” circle or rectangle in some corner of your screen (usually lower-left) and click it. This brings up the listing of […]

Finding Your Copier IP Address

FINDING YOUR COPIER’S “IP” ADDRESS Your copier/MFP/scanner may have a screen that displays the “IP.” Most users have never tried to find it so that can be awkward. There may be a counter (meter) report that includes the IP address, and this is usually easy to access and print if you provide meter readings to […]

Health Care, Fairness and Free Enterprise

Even Copier companies pay for health care, and as costs keep shooting up, everyone on the paying side suffers. Here’s a short booklet on a far better way to resolve both cost and access issues, while ADDING to personal freedom, rather than stealing from it. View Booklet

Your Friend, Ohhh-Cee-Ahhr

The first document management system (scanning, indexing and retrieval) Copilabs sold was to the original “MVP Sports” headquarters. It cost nearly $50,000 and was readily cost-justified. “How is that possible,” you ask? They had a filing system comprised of 19 lateral file cabinets, 4 drawers each. There were always bulging folders sitting on top of […]

Making the Scanner Scan

“I put my document on the feeder, but it doesn’t scan…” Of the four most popular kinds of scan functions, the most common is called “SMB”. SMB stands for “Server Message Block’” and it basically means that you are “pushing” or sending scanned images of pages to a directory, or “folder” on a computer: your […]