Finding Your PC’s Network Name


If the IT department or consultant hasn’t pasted the name on the side of your computer, you can find the correct name quite easily. First, find your “Start” circle or rectangle in some corner of your screen (usually lower-left) and click it.

This brings up the listing of programs on your PC on the left side of the small window, and a grayish column on the right with about 10 items. One item is “Computer.”

Right-click on the word, “Computer” and in the small dialog that appears find “Properties” and click on that.

This produces a larger dialog window. Scroll down a couple of inches and you’ll see a grouping that includes “Computer Name” and below it, probably, “Full Computer Name.” These should be exactly the same, but if the Full Computer Name is different, use everything of that up to the first period, but not the period itself. Some networks have domain names that are part of the Full Computer Name. Most copier set-ups don’t want this part of the name; there may be some that do and you’ll have to ask your copier person or IT if that is needed for that brand.

You can highlight the name, copy and paste it into the set-up field in the copier’s web-page.

SOMETIMES the name of your computer won’t work in the same way the name of the copier might not, and you will want to use the IP address of the computer instead. Find your PC’s IP address.