Service Plans

Copilabs is a SERVICE Company

The recommendations we provide and the equipment our clients select as a result, are just the first step of a SERVICE relationship we’ll maintain for many years and (we hope) many machines.  We are both masters and students of the arts of copier/printer scanner servicing.  Our service plans are based on best ROI for your service investment.  It’s why we created the exclusive “7-Year Long Life Guarantee!”

If you have “Full-Service” coverage on equipment we sold or leased and installed for you, we guarantee that you’ll obtain full equity value, full utility and full satisfaction from it.  Please read the “LLG” and see why Copilabs is who to trust in your office.


Comprehensive Full Service (Equipment)

May be billed ANNUALLY, MONTHLY or QUARTERLY. Apart from simple maintenance operators can do, Copilabs becomes responsible for maintenance, firmware updates, timely wear-item replacement parts, rapid emergency response and overall image and color-image quality*.Billing is based on TIME or volume of pages PRINTED and, in some cases, on volumes of pages SCANNED.  For most installations meter readings are obtained through automatic reporting agents and pages that exceed contracted MINIMUMS ARE BILLED in arrears so that you know you actually used every page invoiced.  *NOTE: Image quality is directly tied to materials qualities and we cannot be responsible for results obtained from toners, developers, inks or papers we do not sell or approve of.

Full-Service: Including BLACK Imaging Supplies

May be billed MONTHLY or QUARTERLY. Along with our Comprehensive Manufacturer-qualified service, Copilabs will deliver all the black toner, developer or drums needed to maintain the quality of prints you should expect from a Copilabs-maintained copier or printer.  We call it “CAP,” or Copy Advantage Plan.  You provide the paper and electricity – we’ll take care of the rest.

Full Service: Including 4-COLOR Imaging Supplies

May be billed MONTHLY or QUARTERLY. We call it “COLOR CAP.”  Like Full Service and CAP, above, all you need are paper and electricity and we’ll provide black and color toners, drums and developers as needed to maintain top quality.  For most color clients, COLOR CAP, with a FIXED COST PER PAGE for full-color pages, is NOT the most economical Total Cost of Operation (TCO).  Please ask for details.


Many organizations have numerous PRINTERS, stand-alone FAX machines or SCANNERS. For these we offer “UNI-CARE” Labor-Only service coverage.  Uni-Care (also called BLOCK TIME) is sold in pre-paid “blocks” of 10, 20 or more hours, and carries several economic benefits for our clients.

  • The minimum charge is only 30 minutes including travel time. Regular per-call chargeable service is $129 for a one-hour minimum, including travel time, and for longer calls, additional quarter-hours are charged at $32.25.
  • Uni-Care is “charged off” in 1-minute increments after the first 30 minutes. That is, the minutes actually needed for the visit are DEDUCTED from the 10 hours or so in your pre-paid “Time-Bank,” as noted on provided reports.  There is no need for separate purchase orders, invoices or payments – you OWN the hours purchased and they will be expended for your benefit.  If the total time for your call is only 39 minutes, that is all it will “cost” you.
  • Uni-Care is DISCOUNTED from regular hourly rates, in steps based on the number of BLOCKS purchased, OR on whether your block can “auto-renew” when it falls below a certain number of minutes remaining. The DISCOUNTS are substantial and, combined with our 1-minute charges, offer very economical, and just as professional service on a wide range of equipment.  Ask for pricing details – Uni-Care may be the economical solution for you.
  • As with regular Per-call, Per-hour service, parts that may be needed (with your approval) are billed at normal pricing or with discounts in some cases. We will recommend replacement parts when best-practice dictates that replacement is the right course.  There’s no sense in paying for a service visit only to pay again for the same problem.  Copilabs’ service work is guaranteed except where parts are needed but declined by the customer.
  • For clients with Full-Service coverage on other equipment, service needed on Uni-Care covered machines at the same time, requires no travel expense.

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