Long-Life Guarantees

Our exclusive “Long-Life Guarantee” (LLG) is an overlay to any Full-Service agreement that applies to Copier / Printer / MFP equipment sold and installed by Copilabs, Inc., both large and small AND, pre-owned.  Here are the key values you’ll receive:

  • New equipment is protected up to 7 YEARS or the practical lifetime VOLUME of printed pages. A desktop model M2540, for example, is covered for 7 YEARS or as many as 300,000 printed pages.  That represents almost 43,000 pages per year, or 3,500 pages per month (average).  The print engine itself can handle 5,000 or 10,000 pages in a month, but those are not practical volumes for monthly averages.  If volume averages well over 3,000 per month, it will be much more economical (and efficient) to run the next larger model.  An 80 page-per-minute model 8002i console, on the other hand, has an LLG that extends out to 3.5 MILLION pages.
  • If we ever can’t restore the machine to satisfactory performance and quality, WE’LL REPLACE IT(!) so long as Full-Service coverage has been in effect since the initial Warranty ended. There are some limits as to how replacement works, mostly affected by availability of the same model.  However, if a direct swap isn’t possible, we’ll offer options, including giant trade-ins to preserve your investment in the equipment.  Checkout this actual customer success story from the Merrimack Valley Chamber of Commerce.
  • LLG Protection includes performing complete overhaul of covered equipment if technically possible (parts availability). Whether done on-site or removed to our shop, suitable loaner equipment will be provided for your use.
  • Next-to-New, or Pre-Owned equipment may also be protected up to 5 years or the original practical lifetime volume, with the same guarantees.