Finding Your PC’s IP Address

There’s a quick way to see your own PC’s IP address, and it doesn’t matter what other screens you may have open. Just press the “Windows” button on the keyboard (on some keyboards there are two of them, left and right at the bottom row) and the “R” key simultaneously. This brings up a small dialog window with a space to type in. If there is a program name or location highlighted in that space already, just start typing and you’ll replace it. You type in “cmd” in upper or lower case, and hit enter or click on “OK.”

Now you get a black-background window with a drive letter (“C:\” most likely) and probably a directory location like “Users\Username>” The curser will be flashing at the end of it.

Now, type in “ipconfig” (no quote marks) and hit . A bunch of data will scroll down in the black space. Scroll back to the top of it all and your IP address will display at the end of a line that starts: “IPv4 Address. . . . :, or some other string of number groups separated by periods, or “dots.” Whatever your numbers are, (in place of these red example numbers) that is your “IP.”

You can enter exactly this string (your exact string) in place of your computer’s name on the set-up page for SMB scanning in your copier/scanner.