Color Quiz

  1. Does color help your MARKETING? Your considerations of machine size, type and technology may be the most crucial of all color buyers.  COSTS can spiral out of your control in a heart-beat.  [Ask the Copier Concierge]
  2. Does color touch 5% of your pages? 10%?  50%?  This ratio is important to know, but ratio of what?  How many pages altogether?  Too small a color machine FOR YOUR PARTICULAR COLOR USAGE, can create expenses that the right size machine – even though you don’t think the “volumes” match exactly – will keep LOW.  Toner is only about 40% of color costs; you can throw away a lot of money on the other stuff if it’s not the right machine!  [Ask the Copier Concierge]
  3. Are you somewhat AFRAID to allow everyone color access? If you have fears of exorbitant costs-per-page, let’s delve into the several ways to BUY COLOR.  Per-page costs in the order of THREE CENTS and even less for full color, are very do-able today.  You might want a copy of “The COPIER BUYER’S SUCCESS GUIDE” and some “inside” information about controlling color costs and about enjoying your next color machine.  [Ask the Copier Concierge]
  4. Aside from COLOR CONSUMABLES’ COSTS, speed has the largest impact on COLOR MFP cost. Among all the speeds, paper sizes and functions, THERE IS A COLOR ANSWER that is the most cost-effective for YOU.  [Ask the Copier Concierge]