Copier Speed Quiz

  1. Do you print long (many pages) documents? MFP’s are great PRINTERS but are
    others waiting to make COPIES during long PRINT jobs? There are LOW COST engines
    with exceptional speeds, especially in A4 machines. [Ask the Copier Concierge]
  2. Do you SCAN and/or COPY large SETS or PACKAGES like REAL ESTATE
    closing documents? Even small machines handle 50 to 80 pages in the scanner (feeder);
    Most A3 machines do 100; some of ours do 140 and even 270 or 300 pages!
    HOWEVER, there are neat electronic ways to get higher productivity from “small”
    machines! [Ask the Copier Concierge]
  3. Are there LOTS of users doing quick COPY jobs of 2 to 20 pages? Then the
    most speed for LOW machine cost will MAKE THE DIFFERENCE.
  4.  Are there several busy users who PRINT to your MFP? It can make a lot of sense
    to upgrade to a LOW to MID-RANGE A3 machine where each can have his or her own
    exit tray, or MAILBOX. [Ask the Copier Concierge]

The key is, DON’T BUY MORE MACHINE THAN YOU NEED. Today it’s vital to match
the MACHINE to the APPLICATION so that your office has the LOWEST “TCO”.